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I feel like there is a bubble of sadness in my chest that expands more by the second, threatening to break me apart from the inside.
– Emily Paquette (via unkn0wn-hipsterchick)

Where do broken hearts go,
can they find their way home?
Back to the open arms
of a love that’s waiting there.
And if somebody loves you,
won’t they always love you,
I look in your eyes
and I know that you still care, for me.

(Source: neuroticdream, via neuroticdream)

The more I say “come back” the more you won’t.
– thoughts from the midnight garden (via the-midnight-gard3n)

I cannot stand the thought
Of another’s lips on yours
I cannot stand the thought
Of your arms on another’s waist
I cannot stand the thought
Of the words ‘i love you’ coming out from your mouth, but meant for another

I cannot stand the thought
Of another, taking my place in your heart, when you are carved so deep onto mine

– I cannot stand the thoughts in my head (via babyzmvp)